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Affordable cosmetic dentistry and veneers treatments

We are experts in cosmetic dentistry and dental tourism. With over 7000 success stories from all over the world, makeover smiles at affordable prices are what we do best.
We are located in Colombia, South America. We currently have two locations:
One is in Cartagena de Indias, a UNESCO “World Heritage Site” located at the Caribbean, and the second one is in the beautiful city of Cali, locally known as the World´s Salsa capital.

In this dental aesthetic treatment, the veneers are placed directly on your natural teeth, changing size, color and shape; giving a more harmonic and beautiful appearance as this high resistant material is carefully shaped and molded to your teeth in between 5 to 7 hours on average. Our dental veneers are made out of 80% ceramic and 20% composite resin, both highly resistant materials. You can have composite veneers with no pain, no recovery days and no anaesthesia. On average composite veneers can last between 6 to 8 years.

Porcelain veneers, also known as ceramic sheets, give a more natural look to your smile. This cosmetic dental treatment takes a 3- day procedure, having an average lasting period of about 16 to 20 years. We provide this option using the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry.

This ultra-thin shell of tooth-coloured porcelain is placed over the surface of your natural teeth after removing about half a millimeter of enamel from its surface. Porcelain veneers change the alignment, spacing, cracks and discolouration of your smile.

We have two types of smile design procedures:

– Composite Veneers (80%ceramic & 20% composite): No enamel removal needed. The costs start from USD $4,000 up to USD $6,500 depending on each case.
– Porcelain Veneers (100% porcelain): Minimum enamel removal needed. The cost starts from USD $9,000 up to USD $12,500 depending on each case.

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Interested in getting the smile of your dreams? With our team of professionals and the latest technology in dental veneers, Veneers Official is the best option for you!
Let us be your guide and design the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Would you like to hear more about how you can get that smile you’ve always wished for? For more information, chat with us!


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