Sometimes implants can need to be removed, but which are the reasons?

If the implant fails or for the position to be changed of overall restorative strategy dental implants can be removed.

Host rejection or infection can be where a dental implant failure can happen when lost.

Which are the main reasons?

  • Early Implants Failures

Within the first few months after the implant placement and early failure can happen.

Is possible to remove the implant whether the failure is from too much movement happening during the healing process, if there’s a infection, or because the implant didn’t integrate with the bone properly.

  • Late Implants Failures

A late failure can happen anytime after a year from the placement. It could have failed due to infection, too much force, or the implant just becoming loose, these are also easy to remove.

If your implant care is good, you have adequate dental hygiene and also take care of your gums and jaws you can to avoid this kind of problems and keep your implants for much longer.

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Tips to take care of your implants

  1. Do not chew with the implant area and avoid hard foods.
  2. Do not perform strenuous activities or physical workout for a week,to keep blood pressure stable and reduce bleeding.
  3. Avoid tobacco and alcohol.
  4. Avoid brushing the intervened area.


Usually Dental Implants have a life span of 15 to 20 years with a goog care,

Follow your doctor’s recommendations to avoid having your implants have to be removed.


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