Veneers have more benefits besides a nice smile

I you want to get the benefits of a perfect and new smile plus fixing some imperfections, Veneers is the answer.



  • They solve problems of broken teeth, or crooked quickly and easily
  • If you follow the advice of the specialist, its color and shape properties will not vary over time.
  • You will not need to go to a consultation much more after the treatment, because once you finish the treatment, it does not need maintenance, unless you have a problem.
  • Maintains the color achieved for longer, especially in cases of teeth whitening.
  • It solves serious problems of tetracyclines (stains on the teeth), along with teeth whitening is the most effective to restore the smile.
  • They have a lot of resistance, it is very rare for a porcelain veneer to break.
  • Currently you have a large number of options to choose from in color and thickness (depending on whether you want more volume in shape or a whiter tone).
  • And most importantly, you achieve a smile change in no time.

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